Push your Boundaries

Hey Girls! Happy Monday!

Once you’re done laughing at me attempting the warrior pose above, it’s time to get down to business. Today I want to talk about boundaries, but the boundaries I want to  talk about aren’t physical boundaries (like ones you might set before dating someone. Hah. Or locations in the house your children or pets aren’t allowed) I want to talk more about mental boundaries. Everyone has them & everyone sets them.  & I know you’re prob like “Mental boundaries? What? Is she abt to ask us to meditate?” & I get u. Today’s post is a little more focused on inner reflection & thought which may be weird.  However, what you might not realize, is how often you set mental boundaries for yourself even when dealing with the most minuscule tasks.

This past week,  I was presented with an amazing opportunity through my future employer to attend a leadership conference in Disneyworld(woo!) to hear a wide range of renowned leaders from the firm speak, as well as the chance to get to know my fellow colleagues from all over the world. Sounds awesome right? It was. However, what you might not know about me is that I get serious anxiety whenever I am put in situations with unfamiliar people and and unknown schedule. Which is crazy, because I loooove going to events & being social if I’m familiar with it, but as soon as I’m thrown into something new and foreign vulnerability hits & I want to run for the hills. Which is why I about had a serious panick attack on the way to the airport. Ask my friends…they’ll admit it’s true…homegirl was about to Vom.

However, knowing myself & knowing that I was only feeling this way because of my inner vulnerability I decided to push past the boundaries of my comfort zone that I had already predetermined for this trip. (Only talking to interns from my office, praying for a room without a roommate, using being an introvert as an excuse for being quiet, refusing to ride a ride at Disney bc helloo Cay doesn’t do heights or drops) –these are actually hilarious looking back on them. & instead I decided to go into the conference with no predetermined idea of what my comfort zone was.

Once the conference was over, and I reflected on the new mindset I had taken up, I realized all of the opportunities I would have missed and people I wouldn’t have met had I stayed within my comfort zone. Having open boundaries allowed me to meet many different interns from all walks of life, hold a conversation with one of the top faces of the firm, and I even got on a Disney ride!( it might have been the children’s Dinosaur expedition, but it still counts.)

My experience this past week is what encouraged me to write this post in hopes of motivating you to push past your mental boundaries whether in real life or just in the gym. Maybe you only do cardio because you are intimidated by weights, maybe you can do one more set but your fear of failure makes you stop, maybe you know you need to hone in on your diet but you don’t think you have the willpower, or maybe you can go on and get a higher education but your fear of not being the smartest holds you back.  Like I said, mental boundaries are placed on everything, so stay alert and attentive to what awesome things you might be keeping yourself from. Also, here’s a shoutout to my awesome intern friends repping the BHAM office, yall make life & work so fun!



Okay, now that we had that little heart to heart motivation sesh let’s get to something more fun! My WOW! Enjoy!


Monday: run & guns

1 mile run on tread 5.5 mph

*move to weights, 3 sets*

  • •alternating bicep curls (15 per arm)
  • •standing hammer curls (15 per arm)
  • •standing inside curls (10 per arm) –not sure of the proper name
  • 21s with weighted bar
  • •triceps cable pushdown (12)
  • •cable overhead triceps extension (12)

Tuesday: Long Run Day

This day is a perfect chance to push past your mental boundaries and set a new goal for yourself. My goal for today is a 5 mile run, but I would suggest setting your goal within your challenge limits!

Wednesday: Booty & Back 

*10 minute bike*

Move to weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • bulgarian split squats (10 per leg)
  • dumbbell squats (15)
  • dumbbell deadlift (15, squeeze butt coming up)
  • lying leg curls (12, you might need a partner to set weight on legs)
  • one arm dumbbell row (12 each arm)
  • seated low cable row (12)
  • dumbbell incline row (12)
  • reverse flyes (10)

Thursday: Total Body HIIT

20 minutes on elliptical, stairmaster, or tread 10min/rowing machine 10 min

3 rounds, dont stop until round is over

  • 12 burpees
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 15 in and out jumps
  • 20 commandos

Friday: Chest/shoulders/a lil upper body

*10 minute bike or row*

Move to weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • dumbbell bench press (12)
  • dumbbell pullover (15)
  • dumbbell shoulder press (10 each arm)
  • decline dumbbell fly (10)
  • lateral raise (10 per arm)
  • cable upright row (12)
  • cable face pull (15)

And thats it! I’d love to hear if you try my workouts this week so feel free to pm me and let me know how it went!


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