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Hey Guys! Happy Monday!

Every week I feel like the topics of my blog posts are laid in my lap & this week was no different. If you know me, then you know that I am a spender and definitely not a saver. Money in my pocket is like Babes Doughnuts on a Sunday-gone quick. Now I will say, I am smart with my money when it comes to bills & such, but if I ever have some free play money I have no trouble finding a place to spend it & in most cases I already know where I’m spending it before I have it.

So, in anticipation of play money I would have in the future, this past week I decided to book a hotel room for an upcoming away football game weekend with me and my friends. I had been searching for a room all day, with the requirement that it was a pay when you arrive hotel. Switching between, expedia, and travelocity, I was a girl determined to get a deal. And then suddenly, I found it–the perfect room,  in just the right part of town,  with just the right price, & in a super nice hotel. Score! Before I blinked I already had it booked. I proudly entered in my debit card info, confirmed check in, and pondered if my true calling was being a travel agent after scoring such a good deal.

Then, the next day, reality hit. I can’t remember what store I was checking out at, but all I remember was “card declined.” What? How could this be so? I knew I had money in my account & was utterly confused on why it was declined, so I checked my account. “$XXX withdrawn from” Curse you Expedia. Turns out the fabulous room I booked was NOT a pay when you arrive & the hotel took the amount out immediately. So much for my travel agent career.

Thankfully enough, I did have money in savings so it wasn’t a full disaster. But, it did emphasize the reality of how I needed to be more conscious of my spending habits and more consistent with my saving habits. So today, I want to challenge you to join me in working on not only personal fitness this year but financial fitness as well. Finances are tied to every aspect of life, so if your finances are not in order nothing else in your life can be either.

To make things fun, I am challenging myself to put back $10 a week for the next year as part of my saving strategy & I challenge you to do the same. I’m buying a legit piggy bank for this, and getting actual cash out each week instead of just transferring it to my savings. $10 might not seem like a lot, but $520 after 52 weeks does. So join in if you want & lets get stackssss. Haha okay I know I’m not cool enough to say that…

Last but not least here’s my WOW!


Monday: Arms & Abs HIIT 

1 mile walk/run on tread

3 Rounds, stop at end of Round

  • 20 pushups
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 commandos
  • 15 ab ins with exercise ball

Move to cables, 3 sets your weight choice

  • standing cable curl (10)
  • single arm high cable curl (10 each arm)
  • cable push down (12)
  • overhead tricep extensions (15)

Tuesday: Long Run Day

Yup, still pushing our mental boundaries. Choose a distance you know is challenging yet attainable.

Wednesday: Legz 

10 min bike

Weights, 3 sets, Can do circuits or individualize

  • smith machine weighted squats (your weight choice)
  • leg lunges (12 each leg, weighted)
  • barbell good mornings (12, just the bar)
  • dumbbell one leg deadlift (10 each leg)
  • Leg press (10)
  • Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)

Thursday: Back & Shoulders

10 minute row

Move to weights, 4 sets

  • bent over dumbbell row
  • standing overhead dumbbell press
  • reverse flyes
  • upright dumbbell row
  • shoulder press
  • cable face pulls

Friday: Cute Glute

20 min on Stairmaster (4 min front walk, 3 min side walk intervals)

On Mat, 3 sets

  • 20 bodyweight squats
  • 20 hip thrusts
  • 20 donkeykicks

Weights, 3 sets

  • weighted sumo squats (12)
  • bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)
  • cable kickbacks (12 each leg)
  • cable pull throughs (15, squeeze booty)


That’s it! Have a great week & save your money!


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