This Mascara is a Miracle Worker. Honestly.

This Mascara is a Miracle Worker. Honestly.

Hey guys!

I hope everyone has had a great week! Today, I am going to fill you girls in on how to get long, thick, and defined lashes without having to spend all of your hard earned money on expensive lash extensions!  This post is a MUST READ.

Recently, I one of my Facebook friends reached out to me and urged me to try a new mascara that is part of the Younique brand called Moodstruck Epic Mascara. She swore by it and said that she was selling it in huge volumes just because of how good it is and how high the demand for it was.

I don’t know about you, but I never turn down a great makeup sample. Especially one that has reviews as good as this mascara did. I happily obliged to try out the mascara and patiently waited for my package in the mail. Okay, maybe not patiently waited but excitedly waited. Girls gotta have her mascara. When it finally came in I was ecstatic.

First, can we talk about how cute this packaging is?? Just the little eyelash stickers that are taped on the back make the packaging look so cute and make you feel like you’ve really invested your money in something that’s high quality.

As cute as the outer packaging is, I’ll be honest and say I might have aggressively ripped through it to get to the goods. A worthy cause in my book. The mascara tube is shown above. No weird shaped tube, a simple design, and a really good volume size. Phase 2 of liking this mascara complete. Now on to testing, drumroll pleaseeeee…

Seriously, WOW.  I tried my best to get a really good before and after picture but, if you have ever tried to take a picture of your eyeball with an iphone, it can prove to be quite difficult. However, even if this isn’t the best pic, look how dramatic the difference in my eyelash length and volume is! I was honestly amazed because I did not think that it would be this drastic of a difference.

After wearing this mascara all day, and basically every day since I received it, I have made a list of all of the positive qualities that it has:

  • Super lightweight: a lot of mascara can make your eyelashes feel weighed down and heavy after multiple coats, not this mascara! My eyelashes felt light and feathery even after numerous coat applications.
  • Long Lasting: After a long day of running around town and going to all of my classes my eyelashes looked just as good as they did when I started the day!
  • Sweat and Gym Proof: I took this mascara through multiple high intensity workouts and not once did I deal with mascara running down my face or into my eyes. What a blessing.
  • Easy Removal: Most mascaras that promise to make your lashes thicker and longer are a huge pain when it comes to removing it. Not this mascara, I was able to get my eyelashes completely clean with only one makeup wipe. I love that this saved me a makeup wipe or two and that I didn’t feel like I was damaging my natural eyelashes trying to get it off.
  • Great Price: I will not hesitate to spend money on mascara if it has good reviews. Before I tried this product, I believe I was spending about $45 on a mascara that was pretty good, but definitely not as good as Moonstruck. That’s why when I found out the price of this mascara I was so surprised with how affordable it is! You really can’t afford not to buy it!

Ever since I started wearing this mascara I have received multiple compliments on my eyelashes. Someone even asked me if I had gotten extensions! I rate this product a 10/10 and would definitely recommend that you consider making an investment in yourself by purchasing this product. Everyone wants to be fabulash 🙂

If you would like to get amazing, natural, and beautiful looking lashes visit or simply click this link!Have a great week!



I was scared of not being happy in happy times

I was scared of not being happy in happy times

Before I began my fitness journey, I always thought about upcoming events or special times with my friends in a much different way than I do now. Before,  I remember always carrying a feeling of personal shame around with me because I knew that I didn’t love myself and the way I that I looked. On the outside I tried to play it cool, but on the inside I knew my struggles. My self negativity would poison itself into any fun situation I was in and my own thoughts of myself.

I can remember countless nights out, pool days, and even weddings where my joy was ruined because I didn’t feel comfortable enough in my own skin to let loose and have fun. I would worry about my fat rolls while sitting down, the love handles hanging over my jeans, or the arm pit fat showing in my tank. My self hate held me back and told me I wasn’t allowed to enjoy myself. Talk about a party crasher.

While it is sad that this mindset affected many fun moments of my young college life, in some instances I am thankful for it. Had I not had such a strong desire to fix the way I felt about myself, I probably wouldn’t of had nearly as much motivation driven behind my fitness goals. I also do not think that I would have stayed as consistent as I did starting out. What was meant to bring me down, served as the driving force to bring me back up.

I write this today to let you know that you are not alone in the feelings of self doubt, self negativity, or self hate that you have. I have been there and know how hard it can be to love yourself at times. I mean, no one knows us better than we know ourselves and I believe we are our own toughest critic. But, I hope that this post can serve as an inspiration for you to take that hate and turn it into something great. (by no means did I mean for that to rhyme but I like that it did) Sometimes, it is only through trials and tough times that our greatest accomplishments or best versions of ourselves can come to fruition.

One verse that I find especially encouraging when I am finding it hard to love myself is 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 which states,

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, I will boast more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. “

I hope that you find this post encouraging and that you are feeling empowered to tackle and destroy whatever type of self negativity is filling your head. Have a great week!



Let’s Overcome Our Fears This Month!

Let’s Overcome Our Fears This Month!

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

It is officially October, the ~spookiest~ of months. While it may not feel like fall in Alabama, I am trying my best to get in the mood. Last week I bought two mums, and yesterday I almost bought a pumpkin at Aldi until an old man looked at me and said “It’s too hot for that honey”. Apparently everyone is struggling to accept it’s fall.

To combat this feeling, I’ve decided to make all of my posts for the month of October centered around fears and things that scare you. *boo!* But these fears aren’t things like haunted houses, ghosts, or a guy running after you with a chainsaw. These fears relate to the things that scare you when it comes to healthy living. Whether it’s fears in the gym, on your plate, or dealing with your body image I’ll cover it all this month!

Today, I want to briefly cover a fear that I believe everyone has. This is the fear that you are already too far behind on your goals to get where you want to be. To explain how you can never be to far gone to get ahead, I would like you to think back on any horror movie where the character escaped just by the skin of their teeth.

The scene usually goes like this: A crazy axe murderer is running after it’s prey (usually a naive blonde, like myself). The blonde trips and falls and the murderer gets closer. Not accepting her fate, the victim gets up and continues running. The murderer continues to get closer until it looks like the victims death is imminent. However usually in this final scene, when all hope is lost, the victim makes her great escape and saves her life. Woo! (After this she presumably will go hide in a completely obvious spot, or chose to go BACK into the haunted house…but I digress.)

While I hope the above scenario never applies to you or myself, it can serve as a symbol that you are literally never too far behind in the chase to save yourself. As far gone as you may think you are, one good decision could lead to a spiral effect of a lot of other good decisions that can lift you out of a really bad spot. All you need is the courage to continue pressing on even when it seems like all hope and energy is lost!

That’s all for today! I am starting to link my Week of Workouts on another page so click this link for some sweaty goodness!





Raise the Bar.

Raise the Bar.

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

Raising the bar means setting a standard above what you think you can do or what you expect to be given. It means setting tougher goals, challenging your comfort zones, and getting away from what looks easy. Raising the bar means saying goodbye to complacency and hello to a challenge. So today, I want to boldly challenge you guys to raise the bar on every aspect of your life.

“How can I do this? Why should I do this?” is what I can guarantee you are thinking right now. I completely understand, why should you deal with the pressure and discomfort that stems from setting higher goals and standards for yourself when living a mediocre life can be so easy, and at times moderately fulfilling? Let me prove it in 3 bullets.

  • You are constantly being reminded of your ambitions. Setting goals and having dreams are great, but if you do not create a plan to tackle them step by step each day, your goals and ambitions will always be set in the future. Thoughts are just thoughts without action. Making your ambitions a reality takes consistency, a future state of mind, and a lot a lot a lot of determination. As the great Nick Saban, head coach of Alabama football, once said, “There are two pains in life. The pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline, you’ll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment. ” I could end my post here tbh.
  • You will gain a new sense of self respect. Think about how your grandma thinks of you, now think about having that same mindset for yourself. She thinks you’re the smartest in the crowd and the most intelligent in the room. I mean, my grandmother once told me I had a chance to be on Tyra’s Top Model. LOL. But to piggyback off this mindset, once you set the standards for what you deserve and develop the mentality to achieve it, nothing can stop you. Now I’m not saying to be cocky because Kendrick Lamar says to #sitdown & #stayhumble but I am saying that knowing your standards will lead to a new type of mindset you develop for yourself.
  • A ripple effect will happen. Picture stacking dominos in a row and then knocking one over, the rest will follow right? The same thing happens when you set and achieve a new goal or standard for yourself. The adrenaline you get from getting closer to the peak of success will motivate you to climb even higher.

And that’s my take on why you should raise the bar for yourself! Talk is easy, actions are hard. I get it. But, hopefully this post motivates you to begin thinking about the actions you need to take in order to live a successful and fulfilling life. Below is my WOW! Have a great week! (ALABAMA SHOULD HAVE WON MISS AMERICA)



Monday: Arm Burner

*1 mile run on tread*

4 circuits, only stop between circuits

  • 15 out in jumps with pushup in between
  • 20 pushups
  • 12 weighted burpees
  • 15 tricep dips
  • 20 commandos

At weights, 3 sets

  • 21s with short bar and your weight choice
  •  12 wide curls
  • 12 tricep kickbacks
  • 15 seated tricep extension

Tuesday: Leggies 

*10 minute bike*

At weights

  • 5 sets of 8 smith machine squats (alternate wide and narrow stance)
  • 3 sets of 10 leg press, wide stance
  • 3 sets of 10 leg press, narrow stance
  • 12 weighted sumo squats

On mat, 3 sets

  • 20 leg lunges, each leg
  • 20 step ups, each leg
  • 15 out and in jumps

Wednesday: Cardinoooo

Long run, and finish with this ab burner!

On mat, 4 rounds

  • 20 situps on bosu ball
  • 20 leg raises
  • 40 butterfly kicks
  • 30 side taps
  • 20 ab ins on bosu

Thursday: Back & Shoulders

15 minute row

At weights, 3 sets

  • 12 wide grip lat pulldowns
  • 12 front cable pulldowns
  • 15 cable face pulls
  • 12 reverse flys
  • 15 single arm row

Friday: Cardio & Chest 

1 mile run, 20 minutes on stairmaster

At weights, 3 sets

  • 8 barbell bench press
  • 12 incline cable fly
  • 20 pushups





Weight, what am I doing?

Weight, what am I doing?

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was spent recovering from the classes I had last week and trying to get ahead of all the requirements that are due this week. Since my internship last spring, I haven’t really been in any serious classes until this semester, so it was definitely a reality check remembering how tedious all of the coursework is.  I am definitely a little #stressed. However, one of the best ways I like to deal with stress is in the gym lifting weights. There is something therapeutic about  taking a huge amount of weight and just lifting it off your shoulders–I guess there’s something metaphoric about it too..haha. However, after talking to some of my gal pals I’ve realized that not everyone takes advantage of this awesome type of exercise because they are either extremely intimidated or extremely confused on what to do. That’s why in todays post I’ve decided to share with you guys some common misconceptions women usually have when it comes to lifting weights in the gym.

  1. It’s too intimidating: “Even tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil” I remember chanting as I boldly walked to the weights section of the gym for the first time. If you are a strict cardio queen like I used to be, then you can relate to the sense of unbelonging that the weights section of the gym gives you. Everyone’s grunting, weights are being thrown on the ground, and there’s like this half blackout your body experiences because you are so freaked out and not in your element. This might sound dramatic, but you know it’s true. I remember I was a nervous wreck because I had no clue where anything was and I knew I looked like a total newbie. However, these feelings are so normal for your first time using weights and will pass as you get more comfortable with the environment. To make the transition to the weights section easier, I would suggest bringing a friend who normally lifts with you or bring along another gal pal to ease the uncomfortableness.
  2. Everyone will be judging me: No they won’t. Half the time the people working out around you are so invested in their own workout that they don’t even bother looking at their surroundings.  I know this is the case for me haha because by the end of my 3rd set I look like some type of sweaty wildabeast so I definitely am not making eye contact with anyone. Also, despite what you might think (and what I thought before) most people who lift weights are usually really nonjudgemental when it comes to what you are doing in the gym. Everyone started out as a beginner, so if anything they will probably admire your confidence to just begin. No one starts out as a pro & it takes time to learn and grow.
  3. OMG lifting weights will make me ~big~: Hahahah false. Back when I just ran, I thought that touching a weight would cause my arms and legs to beef up like the hulk or something. That’s because the only impression I had of women who lifted were like professional bodybuilders who dedicated their lives to building a muscular physique. What I didn’t realize was that it is extremely hard for women to look like this naturally due to hormones, body fat, etc. If anything, lifting weights will only add to the toned body look that you are wanting. It wasn’t until after I quit strictly running, and began lifting weights that I began to see the type of bodily tone and lean muscle that I had desperately wanted for so long. So weights=more tone=more fat loss.
  4. “I don’t even know what to do”: Hello internet. Hello Pinterest. Hello OhCayLetsGetFitBlog.  Not knowing what to do is not even an excuse anymore with the amount of fitness outlets there are to gain information from. You can literally google “weighted arm workout” or “lower body weights workout” and have a whole workout written out for you with explanations. Or theres also this awesome blog aka mine that gives to workouts each week! #selfpromotion #ad

Hopefully these busted misconceptions will give you the confidence to venture into the weights section of the gym! As a little bit of guidance, I’ve decided that my OhCay WOW this week will be weights specific with a suggested one mile run thrown into each day! Enjoy!


Monday: Arms 

*one mile run*

At weights, 3 sets each, your weight choice

  • bicep curl (12)
  • hammer curl (12)
  • wide curls (10)
  • tricep kickback (10 each arm)
  • lying tricep extension (12)
  • seated tricep press (15)
  • bodyweight bench dips (20)

Tuesday: Total Body (werk your way up)

*one mile run*

At weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • weighted squat to press (15)
  • weighted reverse lunges (10 each leg)
  • dumbbell deadlift (15)
  • bicep curl to shoulder press (10)
  • shoulder raises (12)

Wednesday: Legzz

*10 min on stairmaster*

  • smith machine squats (5 sets of 8, medium weight)
  • leg press (5 sets of 10: 3 sets wide stance, 2 sets narrow stance)
  • weighted leg lunges (3 sets 10)
  • one leg dumbbell deadlift (3 sets 10)
  • bulgarian split squats (3 sets 10 each leg)
  • finish with 3 sets of 20 squat jumps

Thursday: Total Body (werk your way down)

*one mile run*

at weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • cable face pulls
  • seated shoulder press
  • dumbbell upright row
  • bicep curls
  • weighted sumo squats
  • cable kickbacks

Friday: Back

*10 minute row*

At weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • upright dumbbell row (12)
  • reverse flyes (10)
  • wide grip lat pulldown (10)
  • incline flyes (10)
  • dumbbell pullover (20)




How to find balance this semester.

How to find balance this semester.

Hey guys, Happy Monday!

Goodbye summer hello school, it’s back to the swing of things for me this week! As much as I’ll miss the slow days of summer, it’s always fun to think about what a new school year has in store. Since it’s my last year in school, I feel like I’ve mastered several tricks on how to make a schedule that maximizes your day in the most efficient way-hey that rhymes lol. So, I’ve decided to share with you guys some easy ways to get everything you want out of your day in today’s post.

  1. Be realistic with your time: Overcommitting to a ton of different obligations is one of the worst things you can do to your schedule when you are trying to get organized. When you overcommit you are unable to fully devote yourself to each task because you have a thousand other things running through your mind at the same time. That’s why I suggest choosing only 3 commitments for the school year. Of course, since this is a fitness blog, I would suggest making one of your big commitments the gym..but other great commitments could be church, a job, or some type of volunteer work!
  2. Plan your day: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail & that’s the honest truth. Now I know you’re probably like “it’s so tedious to plan my day & often my plans change so what’s even the point” & that’s understandable, but I can guarantee you that a lot more of the things you want to get done will get done if you schedule them. Writing a commitment in stone holds you accountable to follow through on them and also makes the chances of you changing plans last minute less likely. & you dont have to plan your day down to the amount of bites you will take at lunch, but you should plan the general gist of how it should go.
  3. Plan your workouts: If you’ve ever been in a college rec center when the school year begins, you’ll agree with me in the fact that it is basically like a line for an amusement park ride with weights thrown in. Everyones crammed together, it smells a little, and you will probably wait more than you get work out. However, there is a way to finesse the system & actually enjoy your time at the gym. & The secret lies within the time you choose to go. Most people normally go from the hours of 3pm-6pm once the day is over. However, if you have the will power to wake up early or to stay up late to workout-the gym is yours. After you have planned the ideal time, you also need to plan the ideal workouts BUT easily enough I’ve already done that below with my WOW so we can just skip to the next tip 😉
  4. Be flexible when things don’t go as planned: You can simplify your schedule until you’re blue in the face & there will still be things that don’t go as planned. When that time comes, just remember that you don’t have to throw your entire schedule  out the window. Reassess, reschedule, and remember that the perfect schedule is made through trial and error. Also, don’t be so strict to your schedule that you miss out on fun spontaneous opportunities thrown your way. Those moments (in moderation) serve as a breather from the habits of daily life.

And that’s all for today! I hope that today’s post inspires you to tackle the school year with enough energy and enthusiasm to get it done. Have a great week! WOW Below


Monday: Long Run 

Switching it up this week and making the long run today! Inspired by all of the bad food I ate this weekend..haha

Tuesday: Upper Body HIIT

1 mile run on tread

4 circuits, only pause at end of circuit

  • 30 plank jacks
  • 15 pushups
  • 10 weighted burpees
  • 10 sets of 2 pushups followed by 6 mountain climbers

Weights *optional*

  • 3 sets of 20,15,10 rep drop sets -your weight choices
  • 3 sets 10 tricep kickback
  • 3 sets 15 overhead tricep extension

Wednesday: Booty Focus 

*20 min on powermill*

Grab a pair of moderate weight dumbbells and a heavy weight dumbbell and move to mats. 3 sets.

  • 15 in and out jumps
  • 12 weighted sumo squats with the heavier weight
  • 12 reverse lunges with dumbbells (each leg)
  • 30 bodyweight squat

Thursday: Anotha cardio day 

Choose to do either a long run today, or a mixed up 60 minute session of elliptical, bike, or stairmaster

Friday: Back 

15 minutes on rowing machine

*At weights* 3 sets

  • 12 reverse flyes
  • 15 one arm dumbbell row
  • 12 weighted shoulder press
  • 15 lat pulldown (low weight)
  • 12 weighted cable cross each arm
  • 15 cable pushdown


Giving into temptation might be good for your health.. but don’t quote me.

Giving into temptation might be good for your health.. but don’t quote me.

Hey Guys! Happy Monday!

Today I want to talk about being your own voice of reason when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Holding myself accountable is the hardest part of dieting and exercising in my opinion. It’s easy to push yourself when you are surrounded by a support group of friends encouraging you to meet your goals, but when you are alone the little voice inside your head starts to act up. “You really don’t have to workout today” “Theres nutella in the pantry” “Having Chickfila wont hurt” & in no time I’ve given in to whatever unhealthy habit that’s been put inside my head.

Once I decide to do something that goes against my health goals I am often left feeling defeated and upset that I was able to break a commitment I made to myself so easily. I am my toughest critic and when I mess up I don’t like to cut myself a break. I think about it on and on and let it basically ruin my day, or week even. & I’m sure I’m not alone in this way of thinking. However, sometimes the things your body is telling you that you need could actually be legit remedies for improving your metal or physical wellness. Maybe I do need an ice cream cone, or maybe I should actually take an off day from the gym. Kind of a tricky situation isn’t it?

One way I’ve found that makes deciding whether a certain temptation (in relation to your health goals) might actually be good for you is to determine what created the need. Do I just want to take a day off from the gym because I’m lazy, or does my body feel legitimately drained & in need of rest?  Do I really need this chocolate cake because today sucked and its the only thing that will make it better, or am I milking my problems in order to justify eating it? The discernment is easily there once you actually think it through. You just have to be honest with yourself and your intentions.

Catering to your physical and mental wellness is a staple of living a healthy lifestyle, so if eating cake or taking a break is the remedy, so be it.  We all mess up and fall short of our health goals every now and then, it’s just important to remember that small indulgences will not hinder your overall growth. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be mad at yourself, and dont be a quitter. Just come back from your trip down temptation lane not with regret, but with further determination to crush your goals.

My WOW is below! Have a great week! I will be posting some new meal prep recipes later on so stay tuned.


Monday: Arms ya glad it’s Monday

1 mile run on tread

Grab a dumbbell set of your choice & an exercise ball and move to an open space! This is done as a non stop circuit. 4 times through 🙂

  • 15 pushups
  • 15 exercise ball dumbbell curls (each arm)
  • 20 floor tricep dips
  • 15 squat to overhead press holding dumbbells
  • 20 commandos followed immediately by 20 shoulder taps

*at cables* (optional)

  • cable curls (3X10)
  • cable pushdown (3X10)
  • single arm bent over tricep extension (3X10)

Tuesday: In it for the Long Run 

Yep, we all hate it but it’s necessary for the slim down.

Wednesday: Legs have a good workout

10 minute bike

On mat, 3 rounds

  • 30 leg lunges
  • 20 bodyweight squats
  • 20 elevated knee to chest (10 each leg)
  • 15 in and out jumps

At weights, 3 sets

  • 15 smith machine squats
  • 12 leg press (6 wide stance 6 narrow stance)
  • 20 weighted leg lunges

Thursday: Back off, Chest leave me alone 

10 min row

  • chest press (3 sets 12)
  • dumbell pullover (20, superset with chest press)
  • bent over row (3 sets 15)
  • chest fly (3 sets 8)
  • shoulder press (10, superset with chest fly)
  • wide grip lat pulldown (3 sets 12)
  • Seated low cable row (3 sets 12)
  • back extension burnout on exercise ball (3 sets go until failure)

Friday: Sweat Sesh 

2 mile run then 10 min on stairmaster

3 rounds

  • 12 burpees
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 1 min plank
  • 30 second side planks
  • 30 second wall sit


Financially Fit

Financially Fit

Hey Guys! Happy Monday!

Every week I feel like the topics of my blog posts are laid in my lap & this week was no different. If you know me, then you know that I am a spender and definitely not a saver. Money in my pocket is like Babes Doughnuts on a Sunday-gone quick. Now I will say, I am smart with my money when it comes to bills & such, but if I ever have some free play money I have no trouble finding a place to spend it & in most cases I already know where I’m spending it before I have it.

So, in anticipation of play money I would have in the future, this past week I decided to book a hotel room for an upcoming away football game weekend with me and my friends. I had been searching for a room all day, with the requirement that it was a pay when you arrive hotel. Switching between, expedia, and travelocity, I was a girl determined to get a deal. And then suddenly, I found it–the perfect room,  in just the right part of town,  with just the right price, & in a super nice hotel. Score! Before I blinked I already had it booked. I proudly entered in my debit card info, confirmed check in, and pondered if my true calling was being a travel agent after scoring such a good deal.

Then, the next day, reality hit. I can’t remember what store I was checking out at, but all I remember was “card declined.” What? How could this be so? I knew I had money in my account & was utterly confused on why it was declined, so I checked my account. “$XXX withdrawn from” Curse you Expedia. Turns out the fabulous room I booked was NOT a pay when you arrive & the hotel took the amount out immediately. So much for my travel agent career.

Thankfully enough, I did have money in savings so it wasn’t a full disaster. But, it did emphasize the reality of how I needed to be more conscious of my spending habits and more consistent with my saving habits. So today, I want to challenge you to join me in working on not only personal fitness this year but financial fitness as well. Finances are tied to every aspect of life, so if your finances are not in order nothing else in your life can be either.

To make things fun, I am challenging myself to put back $10 a week for the next year as part of my saving strategy & I challenge you to do the same. I’m buying a legit piggy bank for this, and getting actual cash out each week instead of just transferring it to my savings. $10 might not seem like a lot, but $520 after 52 weeks does. So join in if you want & lets get stackssss. Haha okay I know I’m not cool enough to say that…

Last but not least here’s my WOW!


Monday: Arms & Abs HIIT 

1 mile walk/run on tread

3 Rounds, stop at end of Round

  • 20 pushups
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 commandos
  • 15 ab ins with exercise ball

Move to cables, 3 sets your weight choice

  • standing cable curl (10)
  • single arm high cable curl (10 each arm)
  • cable push down (12)
  • overhead tricep extensions (15)

Tuesday: Long Run Day

Yup, still pushing our mental boundaries. Choose a distance you know is challenging yet attainable.

Wednesday: Legz 

10 min bike

Weights, 3 sets, Can do circuits or individualize

  • smith machine weighted squats (your weight choice)
  • leg lunges (12 each leg, weighted)
  • barbell good mornings (12, just the bar)
  • dumbbell one leg deadlift (10 each leg)
  • Leg press (10)
  • Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)

Thursday: Back & Shoulders

10 minute row

Move to weights, 4 sets

  • bent over dumbbell row
  • standing overhead dumbbell press
  • reverse flyes
  • upright dumbbell row
  • shoulder press
  • cable face pulls

Friday: Cute Glute

20 min on Stairmaster (4 min front walk, 3 min side walk intervals)

On Mat, 3 sets

  • 20 bodyweight squats
  • 20 hip thrusts
  • 20 donkeykicks

Weights, 3 sets

  • weighted sumo squats (12)
  • bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)
  • cable kickbacks (12 each leg)
  • cable pull throughs (15, squeeze booty)


That’s it! Have a great week & save your money!


Push your Boundaries

Push your Boundaries

Hey Girls! Happy Monday!

Once you’re done laughing at me attempting the warrior pose above, it’s time to get down to business. Today I want to talk about boundaries, but the boundaries I want to  talk about aren’t physical boundaries (like ones you might set before dating someone. Hah. Or locations in the house your children or pets aren’t allowed) I want to talk more about mental boundaries. Everyone has them & everyone sets them.  & I know you’re prob like “Mental boundaries? What? Is she abt to ask us to meditate?” & I get u. Today’s post is a little more focused on inner reflection & thought which may be weird.  However, what you might not realize, is how often you set mental boundaries for yourself even when dealing with the most minuscule tasks.

This past week,  I was presented with an amazing opportunity through my future employer to attend a leadership conference in Disneyworld(woo!) to hear a wide range of renowned leaders from the firm speak, as well as the chance to get to know my fellow colleagues from all over the world. Sounds awesome right? It was. However, what you might not know about me is that I get serious anxiety whenever I am put in situations with unfamiliar people and and unknown schedule. Which is crazy, because I loooove going to events & being social if I’m familiar with it, but as soon as I’m thrown into something new and foreign vulnerability hits & I want to run for the hills. Which is why I about had a serious panick attack on the way to the airport. Ask my friends…they’ll admit it’s true…homegirl was about to Vom.

However, knowing myself & knowing that I was only feeling this way because of my inner vulnerability I decided to push past the boundaries of my comfort zone that I had already predetermined for this trip. (Only talking to interns from my office, praying for a room without a roommate, using being an introvert as an excuse for being quiet, refusing to ride a ride at Disney bc helloo Cay doesn’t do heights or drops) –these are actually hilarious looking back on them. & instead I decided to go into the conference with no predetermined idea of what my comfort zone was.

Once the conference was over, and I reflected on the new mindset I had taken up, I realized all of the opportunities I would have missed and people I wouldn’t have met had I stayed within my comfort zone. Having open boundaries allowed me to meet many different interns from all walks of life, hold a conversation with one of the top faces of the firm, and I even got on a Disney ride!( it might have been the children’s Dinosaur expedition, but it still counts.)

My experience this past week is what encouraged me to write this post in hopes of motivating you to push past your mental boundaries whether in real life or just in the gym. Maybe you only do cardio because you are intimidated by weights, maybe you can do one more set but your fear of failure makes you stop, maybe you know you need to hone in on your diet but you don’t think you have the willpower, or maybe you can go on and get a higher education but your fear of not being the smartest holds you back.  Like I said, mental boundaries are placed on everything, so stay alert and attentive to what awesome things you might be keeping yourself from. Also, here’s a shoutout to my awesome intern friends repping the BHAM office, yall make life & work so fun!



Okay, now that we had that little heart to heart motivation sesh let’s get to something more fun! My WOW! Enjoy!


Monday: run & guns

1 mile run on tread 5.5 mph

*move to weights, 3 sets*

  • •alternating bicep curls (15 per arm)
  • •standing hammer curls (15 per arm)
  • •standing inside curls (10 per arm) –not sure of the proper name
  • 21s with weighted bar
  • •triceps cable pushdown (12)
  • •cable overhead triceps extension (12)

Tuesday: Long Run Day

This day is a perfect chance to push past your mental boundaries and set a new goal for yourself. My goal for today is a 5 mile run, but I would suggest setting your goal within your challenge limits!

Wednesday: Booty & Back 

*10 minute bike*

Move to weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • bulgarian split squats (10 per leg)
  • dumbbell squats (15)
  • dumbbell deadlift (15, squeeze butt coming up)
  • lying leg curls (12, you might need a partner to set weight on legs)
  • one arm dumbbell row (12 each arm)
  • seated low cable row (12)
  • dumbbell incline row (12)
  • reverse flyes (10)

Thursday: Total Body HIIT

20 minutes on elliptical, stairmaster, or tread 10min/rowing machine 10 min

3 rounds, dont stop until round is over

  • 12 burpees
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 15 in and out jumps
  • 20 commandos

Friday: Chest/shoulders/a lil upper body

*10 minute bike or row*

Move to weights, 3 sets, your weight choice

  • dumbbell bench press (12)
  • dumbbell pullover (15)
  • dumbbell shoulder press (10 each arm)
  • decline dumbbell fly (10)
  • lateral raise (10 per arm)
  • cable upright row (12)
  • cable face pull (15)

And thats it! I’d love to hear if you try my workouts this week so feel free to pm me and let me know how it went!


Don’t let the Temp get hotter than you ;)

Don’t let the Temp get hotter than you ;)

Hey Guys! Happy Monday!

I”t’s getting hot in here, so take off all you clo..wait I’m in public…”–anyone else having these thoughts in this July weather?? The dog days of summer are upon us and it honestly feels like a furnace outside. I break a sweat just thinking about how hot it is. All I want to do is stay inside with a handheld fan in one hand and a cool drink in the other. So if finding willpower to leave the house is too much work, these hot temps make it especially difficult to commit to a daily workout regimen. I mean, who wants to go to the gym and sweat when you can walk to the mailbox and do the same thing? However, I’m not going to let the temperature outside beat you in the race to get hot, so here are some simple ways to stay cool while still committing to your workouts.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking “duh sherlock this is a given”, but it’s so true!! Most people think they are drinking enough water in a day, but are actually way below the 8/8 mark (eight 8oz glasses).  To make drinking the recommended amount easier, you should continuously drink water during the day. Also, don’t try to chug a whole gallon before or during your workout because this will leave your stomach feeling full or sloshy if you try to run.
  2. Wear breathable clothing: When I see people in the gym in crop tops and shorty shorts during the summer seasons I do not judge bc it’s hot and #ifeelu but also, #creepersbecreepin so I don’t normally rock that style. #modestishottest. So, the next best thing are tanks and shorts in really breathable material such as light cotton, nylon, polypropylene (??), or spandex. My favorite websites for breathable running gear is Lorna Jane (so cute/so pricey) or Nike (#basic)
  3. Don’t workout outside if it feels like the Lake of Fire:  When the sun rises it gets hot QUICK. That’s why if you are planning an outside run or yoga sesh you should schedule it between the hours of 5am-10am while the sun is still low, or at night between 8pm-10pm when the sun sets. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without melting into the concrete.
  4. Stay as cool as you can before your workout: When I head to the gym in the summer my air is blasting on -4 degrees & the little snowflake A/C button never goes off. My belief behind this is that I will work harder during my workouts if I’m forced to break a sweat. If I show up already hot & sweaty, then there is a high chance I will do the minimal and leave because my body thinks I did more #wurk than I actually did.

And that’s how I stay cool while trying to get hot! Just for a laugh I also made a HOTT playlist that short and sweet and focused on the heat. Below is my WOW for the week too if you thought I was going to cut you short. Its a cardio week! *evil laugh*




0.25 mile at 3.5 mph

0.75 mile at 5.5 mph

0.25 mile at 3.5 mph

0.75 incline walk at 4.0 mph

bike/row 10 minutes


4 circuits of

  • 12 burpees
  • 15 jump squats
  • 40 mountain climbers
  • 20 pushups

10 minutes on stairmaster


20 minute bike- setting random: level 6

10 minute row-your pace


0.1 mile warmup 3.5 mph

0.9 mile run at 5.5 mph

0.25 mile walk at 3.5 mph

0.25 mile run at 5.5 mph

0.5 incline walk at 4.0 mph


30 minutes on elliptical

3 sets of

  • 20 commandos
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 situps
  • 20 leg lifts